iMessage 第三方客户端 Beeper Mini 恢复运作

软餐获悉,iMessage 第三方安卓版客户端 Beeper Mini 已恢复正常运作。但是,Beeper Mini 的用户必须使用 Apple ID 才能继续收发 iMessage,以前只需一个电话号码即可。开发人员称,暂时会通过用户的 Apple ID 发送 iMessage 消息,并且该服务不再仅支持电话号码。Beeper 表示他们正在努力修复后者。此外,Beeper 取消了收费——之前该应用每月收费 2 美元,现在开发者首先要确保稳定的服务,未来再考虑重新提供订阅。Beeper Mini 在本月初首次发布,该应用无需 Apple ID 即可发送 iMessage 消息。但发布三天后,Beeper Mini 即停止运行,苹果公司随后确认阻止了该应用

The third-party Android client of iMessage, Beeper Mini, has resumed normal operation. However, users of Beeper Mini must have an Apple ID to continue using iMessage, whereas previously only a phone number was required. The developers stated that for now, iMessage messages will be sent through the user’s Apple ID and the service will no longer support phone numbers exclusively. Beeper mentioned that they are working hard to fix this issue. Additionally, Beeper has canceled its fee – previously charging $2 per month – and now the developers want to ensure a stable service before considering offering subscriptions again in the future. Beeper Mini was initially released earlier this month as an application that could send iMessage messages without requiring an Apple ID. However, three days after its release, Beeper Mini stopped functioning and Apple subsequently confirmed blocking the app.

iMessage 第三方客户端Beeper Mini恢复运作


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