X(Twitter)广泛推出 AI 机器人 Grok


软餐获悉,X(Twitter)已经向其美国 Premium+订户广泛推出 AI 机器人 Grok。软餐实测看到,Grok 的入口已经出现在该平台。“Premium+ 用户现在可以在 X 应用中体验我们最先进的人工智能。”X Premium+的订阅价格为每年 168 美元或每月 16 美元。有 X 平台上的用户反馈说,与 Grok 聊天的体验很好,该机器人可以实时访问推特上的最新资讯,并提供基于这些最新资讯的回答。Grok 是马斯克 (Elon Musk) 的 AI 初创公司 xAI 的首款产品。

X (Twitter) has extensively rolled out its AI robot, Grok, to its Premium+ subscribers in the United States. Soft launch tests have shown that Grok’s entrance has appeared on the platform. “Premium+ users can now experience our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence within the X app.” The subscription price for X Premium+ is $168 per year or $16 per month. Users on the X platform have provided feedback that the experience of chatting with Grok is excellent. The robot can access real-time updates on Twitter and provide answers based on the latest information. Grok is the first product from xAI, an AI startup founded by Elon Musk.



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