WhatsApp 将允许视频通话时共享音乐

软餐获悉,WhatsApp 正在酝酿推出更多新的分享功能。这包括:

  • HD Status 功能。这将允许用户向 WhatsApp Status(个人动态)发送高清质量的媒体。(正在 Android v2.23.26.3 版上测试)
  • 允许用户在视频通话期间共享音乐音频。(正在 iOS 版 WhatsApp beta v23.25.10.72 上测试)
  • 允许发送原始质量的图片和视频。早前的报道

今年早些时候,WhatsApp 已推出了视频通话屏幕共享功能,但一直不允许共享音频内容。新功能将使 WhatsApp 更接近 FaceTime,后者允许用户通过 SharePlay 在视频通话期间一起观看电影或听音乐。

WhatsApp is brewing more new sharing features. This includes:

  • HD Status feature. This will allow users to send high-quality media to WhatsApp Status (personal updates). (Currently being tested on Android v2.23.26.3)
  • Allowing users to share music audio during video calls. (Currently being tested on iOS version WhatsApp beta v23.25.10.72)
  • Allow sending images and videos in their original quality. Previous reports

Earlier this year, WhatsApp introduced the screen sharing feature for video calls but did not allow sharing of audio content. The new feature will bring WhatsApp closer to FaceTime, which allows users to watch movies or listen to music together during video calls through SharePlay functionality

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