WhatsApp 允许 iOS 用户发送原始质量的照片/视频

软餐获悉,WhatsApp 近日为 iOS 版发布的更新显示,WhatsApp for iOS V23.24.73 现在已允许用户以文件的形式发送原始质量的媒体文件。发送文件最大为 2GB。WhatsApp 用户可通过“+”>“文档”>“选择照片或视频” 以原始质量发送照片和视频。该功能目前也正对 Android 用户测试,预计很快将推出。默认情况下,WhatsApp 应用程序发送压缩的图像和视频,今年 8 月,该应用最新支持了发送高清照片发送 1280×720 像素的视频

WhatsApp recently released an update for its iOS version, WhatsApp for iOS V23.24.73, which now allows users to send media files in their original quality as documents. The maximum file size for sending is 2GB. WhatsApp users can send photos and videos in their original quality by going to “+”, then “Document”, and selecting the desired photo or video. Additionally, this feature is currently being tested for Android users and is expected to be launched soon. By default, the WhatsApp application sends compressed images and videos. However, starting from August of this year, the latest version of the app supports sending high-definition photos and videos with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels.

WhatsApp 允许iOS 用户发送原始质量的照片/视频


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