Firefox 安卓版两周内将支持 400 款扩展

软餐获悉,Mozilla 有望在两周内为 Android 版 Firefox 的稳定版本推出附加组件(即扩展或插件)支持。据悉,该组织计划从 2023 年 12 月 14 日起提供这些插件,将有 400 个兼容的扩展可用。插件开发商必须将其软件指定为支持移动设备,以确保其可安装在 Android 版 Firefox 上。Firefox for Android 版过去曾支持扩展功能,但随着该浏览器在 2020 年的一次重大升级,当时几乎所有的扩展都失去了兼容支持。Mozilla 后来才提供了 9 款兼容扩展,这个局面在近年并未改观。但用户可选择在安卓版 Firefox 的 Nightly 版本上安装扩展。

Mozilla is expected to release support for add-ons (extensions or plugins) for the stable version of Firefox for Android within two weeks. It is reported that the organization plans to provide these plugins starting from December 14, 2024, with 400 compatible extensions available. Plugin developers must designate their software as mobile device-compatible to ensure it can be installed on Firefox for Android. In the past, Firefox for Android supported extension functionality, but with a major upgrade in 2020, almost all extensions lost compatibility support. Mozilla later provided nine compatible extensions, but this situation has not changed in recent years. However, users can choose to install extensions on the Nightly version of Firefox for Android.



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