Chrome 将获得至少三项 AI 功能:标签页自动分组等


软餐获悉,Chrome 浏览器的代码显示,谷歌正在为该浏览器开发新的 AI 功能,其中将提供一个自动将浏览器标签页分组的选项。X 平台网友 Leopeva 发现,Chrome 中的一个隐藏设置菜单包含了三个新的 AI 功能,分别是 “自动填充助手”、“右键菜单标签组” 和 “扩展主题库”。Chrome 上设置该菜单的地址为 chrome://settings/ai。第一个功能可能在某些空字段中激活自动填充功能;第二个选项对应标签的自动分组;而第三个功能将允许用户通过 AI 获得更多视觉主题。目前尚不清楚谷歌何时正式推出这些功能。

The code of the Chrome browser shows that Google is developing new AI features for the browser, including an option to automatically group browser tabs. X platform user Leopeva discovered that a hidden settings menu in Chrome contains three new AI features: “Autofill Assistant,” “Right-click Menu Tab Group,” and “Extension Theme Library.” The address to access this menu on Chrome is chrome://settings/ai. The first feature may activate autofill functionality in certain empty fields; the second option corresponds to automatic tab grouping; and the third feature will allow users to obtain more visual themes through AI.It is currently unclear when Google will officially launch these features.



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