Google Bard 将可总结 YouTube 视频要点

谷歌的人工智能 Google Bard 可以帮助 YouTube 用户快速总结和分析视频的要点——即使用户并未播放视频。目前这是一项实验功能,默认并未启用,并且需要频道主的主动设置。有观察人士担心,虽然该功能可以帮助观众快速了解视频内容,但对于创作者可能存在弊端,因为这些视频很可能不会被观看,进而影响频道主的收入。

Google’s artificial intelligence, Google Bard, can help YouTube users quickly summarize and analyze the key points of a video, even if the user hasn’t played the video. Currently, this is an experimental feature that is not enabled by default and requires active setup by the channel owner. Some observers are concerned that while this feature can assist viewers in quickly understanding video content, it may have disadvantages for creators since these videos may not be watched, thus potentially affecting the channel owner’s revenue.

Google Bard将可总结YouTube视频要点


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