ChatGPT 推出免费语音聊天功能 ChatGPT Voice

软餐获悉,OpenAI 联合创始人格雷格·布罗克曼 (Greg Brockman) 透露,该公司已面向所有用户(含免费用户)推出 ChatGPT Voice 功能。借此功能,可实现用语音和 ChatGPT 聊天。该功能此前仅针对付费的 ChatGPT Plus 订户开放。OpenAI 从专业配音演员处进行了音频采样,可提供 5 种风格和口音的语音。该功能已登陆 ChatGPT Android 或 iOS 应用程序。

[ChatGPT Launches Free Voice Chat features ChatGPT Voice] Greg Brockman, co-founder of OpenAI, revealed that the company has launched ChatGPT Voice for all users (including free users). With this function, you can chat with voice and ChatGPT. This feature was previously only available to paying ChatGPT Plus subscribers. OpenAI samples audio from professional voice actors and provides voice in 5 styles and accents. This feature is available in ChatGPT Android or iOS app.

ChatGPT推出免费语音聊天功能ChatGPT Voice
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