Google Drive 新功能:邮件提醒查看他人分享的文件

Google Drive新功能:邮件提醒查看他人分享的文件

软餐获悉,Google 云端硬盘已开始发送电子邮件,以提醒客户处理与他们共享但尚未查看的文件。谷歌称其为 Drive Digest,只有当客户在 7 天内未登录并且其他用户共享了他们尚未查看的文件时,他们才会收到电子邮件提醒。这是一项 Workspace 功能,尚不清楚是否适用于私人帐户。该功能将在未来几周内发布,谷歌允许在设置中关闭通知。

Google Drive is starting to send out emails to remind customers about files shared with them that they haven’t gotten around to looking at yet. Google calls it Drive Digest , and you’ll only get the email reminders if you haven’t signed in for seven days and you have files shared with you that you haven’t viewed. This is a Workspace feature, and it’s not clear if it will also be available to personal accounts. The rollout of this feature will happen over the next few weeks, and Google will let you turn off the notifications in your settings .

Google Drive新功能:邮件提醒查看他人分享的文件


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