Spotify 高保真订阅每月额外收费 5 美元

据彭博社,音频流媒体平台 Spotify 的高保真音频订阅计划每月额外收费 5 美元。这项订阅计划可能在今年晚些时候发布。除了更高质量的音频外,高保真计划订户将获得更多个性化播放列表,此外客户可以创建带有提示的播放列表,然后 Spotify 会尝试找到正确的歌曲。Spotify 尚未回应上述传闻。

According to Bloomberg, audio streaming platform Spotify is planning to introduce a high-fidelity audio subscription plan with an additional monthly charge of $5. This subscription plan is expected to be released later this year. In addition to higher quality audio, high-fidelity plan subscribers will have access to more personalized playlists. Furthermore, customers will be able to create playlists with cues, and Spotify will attempt to find the right songs. Spotify has not yet responded to the aforementioned rumors.

Spotify高保真订阅每月额外收费 5 美元


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