Apple TV 上的 Netflix 将全新改版

Apple TV上的Netflix将全新改版

软餐获悉,流媒体平台 Netflix 正在为 Apple TV 测试其应用程序的新版本。

  • 新版应用程序的外观已更改,遥控器聚焦在节目磁贴上时,磁贴会同时变大,以呈现节目介绍和描述信息,而无需滚动浏览。
  • Netflix 以顶部栏中的菜单替换左侧的导航菜单。可通过遥控器后退按钮访问该菜单。
  • 当前的 “类别” 和 “新增和流行” 选项卡将被删除。“新品和热门” 将被替换为 “我的 Netflix”,而 “类别” 将被移至搜索选项卡。

新的 UI 正针对少数订户测试,后续将推至所有 Apple TV 用户。

Streaming platform Netflix is testing a new version of its app for Apple TV. The new version features a revamped interface which changes the look of the application and makes it easier to see information for shows and movies. App icons will now grow larger when the remote’s focus is placed on them, showing a description of the show or movie without the need to scroll through. Netflix has replaced the left-hand navigation menu with a menu along the top. This menu can reached with the back button on the remote. The current “Categories” and “New & Popular” tabs are being removed. “New & Popular” will be replaced with “My Netflix,” while “Categories” will be moved to the search tab. The new UI is being tested with a small number of subscribers before being rolled out to all Apple TV users.

Apple TV上的Netflix将全新改版


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