HTC 新款 Android 手机 6 月 12 日发布

HTC新款Android 手机6 月 12 日发布

HTC 官方发布的预告片显示,该公司将于 6 月 12 日发布一款新的智能手机。HTC 没有公开其名称、价格或规格。该设备据信是尚未公布的 HTC U24 或 HTC U24 Pro。今年 5 月,一款未公布的 HTC 手机的基准测试结果曝光。单核测试结果中描述的手机配备了具有八核的 Arm 处理器。据说这款智能手机还配备 12GB RAM,基于 Android 14。

An official teaser from HTC has revealed that the company will be launching a new smartphone on June 12. HTC has not revealed its name, pricing, or specifications. The device is believed to be the yet-unannounced HTC U24 or HTC U24 Pro. In May this year, a benchmark result of an unreleased HTC phone surfaced online. The handset mentioned in the single-core test result was powered by an octa-core Arm-based processor. The smartphone was also said to pack 12GB of RAM and run on Android 14.

HTC新款Android 手机6 月 12 日发布
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