Firefox 浏览器最新支持「标签页预览」

软餐获悉,Mozilla 将为 Firefox 浏览器推出标签页预览功能。现在 Firefox Nightly 已率先推出该功能,将鼠标悬停在标签页上,即可预览该标签页的缩略图,该功能已默认开启,无需额外手动设置。

Chrome、Edge 等主流浏览器之前已支持标签页预览功能。

Mozilla is rolling out a tab preview feature to its Firefox browser. The feature is currently available in Firefox Nightly, and lets users hover over a tab to see a thumbnail preview of the page. The feature is enabled by default and does not require any manual setup.

Other major browsers, such as Chrome and Edge, already support tab previews.

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