OPPO 计划将生成式 AI 引入众多手机型号

软餐获悉,Oppo 计划将生成式 AI 引入到多款设备型号,包括 Find、Reno、F 和 A 系列手机。Oppo 表示,在内部开发 AI 功能的成本很高,但仍希望免费提供许多功能。未来可能会引入高级计划或支付选项来解锁部分 AI 功能,以弥补成本及确保持续开发。

Oppo plans to bring generative AI to multiple device models, including its Find, Reno, F and A-series phones. Oppo says that developing AI capabilities in-house is expensive, but it wants to offer many features for free. It may introduce premium plans or paid options to unlock some AI capabilities in the future, in order to recoup its costs and ensure continued development.

OPPO计划将生成式 AI 引入众多手机型号


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