Bing 搜索引擎迎来发布 15 周年

软餐获悉,必应搜索引擎(Bing)于 6 月 3 日迎来发布 15 周年。微软公司将 2009 年 6 月 3 日确定为 Bing 的正式发布日期。实际上该服务最早于几天前的 2009 年 5 月 28 日首次发布,6 月 3 日是美国用户全面可用的时间。2023 年 4 月,Bing 在中国市场份额首次超越百度,成为中国最大的桌面搜索引擎。2023 年,微软将 Bing Chat 集成到 Bing,使全球用户得以便捷的了解和使用人工智能服务。

Bing search engine celebrated its 15th anniversary on June 3. Microsoft Corporation set June 3, 2009 as the official release date of Bing. In fact, the service was first released a few days earlier on May 28, and June 3 was the time when it became fully available to users in the United States. In April 2023, Bing’s market share in China surpassed Baidu for the first time, becoming the largest desktop search engine in China. In 2023, Microsoft integrated Bing Chat into Bing, making it easier for global users to understand and use artificial intelligence services.

Bing 搜索引擎迎来发布15周年


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