软餐获悉,X(Twitter)似乎决定针对成人内容放宽政策。因为该平台最近发布了一个新的成人内容政策页面。页面显示,X 用户现在可以发布带有 “成人裸体或性行为” 的内容,但将有一些限制。该平台认为此类内容 “可以成为一种合法的艺术表达形式”。与此同时,X 将针对这些内容覆盖内容警告信息,未登记生日的未成年用户将无法通过内容警告以浏览这些内容。X 账户头像或横幅中也禁止放置成人内容。

这并不意味着 X 允许任何成人内容,因为该平台仍然禁止任何可以标记为 “剥削、未经同意、物化、性化或伤害未成年人以及淫秽行为” 的成人内容。

这次同时发布的还有一个新的暴力内容政策页面。X 官方表示,这两个新政策页面都取代了其以前的敏感媒体和暴力言论政策。

X (Twitter) appears to have decided to relax its policies against adult content. The platform recently published a new adult content policy page , which reveals that X users are now able to post content that features “nudity or sexual activity” so long as certain restrictions are met. The platform believes that such content “can be a legitimate form of artistic expression.” X will, however, cover such content with an interstitial warning, and underage users who have not registered their birthday will not be able to proceed past the warning to view the content. Adult content will also be prohibited in X account profile pictures and banners. This doesn’t mean that X will allow any adult content, as the platform will still ban any adult content that could be flagged as “exploitative, non-consensual, objectifying, dehumanizing or grooming minors, as well as pornography.” Also rolling out today is a new support page for its violent content policy . “These new policy pages replace our previous Sensitive Media and Violent Speech policies,” an X spokesperson says.



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