Instagram 正在测试无法跳过的广告

软餐获悉,社交媒体平台 Instagram 正在测试用户无法跳过的广告,这意味着用户需要等待几秒才能浏览内容。这些广告可能会出现在 Stories 和常规帖子中,广告会强制显示 6 秒钟,期间用户无法继续滚动浏览。

Meta 发言人证实了上述举措,并称 “我们一直在测试可以为广告客户增加价值的广告形式。如果这次测试导致正式的产品变更,我们将发布更新。”

Social media platform Instagram is testing unskippable ads for users, meaning that users must wait several seconds before scrolling past the content. The ads could appear in both Stories and the regular feed, and would force users to watch the first six seconds before being able to scroll past them. A Meta spokesperson has confirmed the test, saying that “we are always testing ways to add value for advertisers. If this test leads to a permanent product change, we’ll be sure to provide an update.”

Instagram 正在测试无法跳过的广告
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