Google Cloud 推出条件宽松的 90 天试用计划

软餐获悉,谷歌云(Google Cloud)为了推广 Vertex AI,日前推出了免费试用计划,用户可从 Google Cloud 获得 150 美元的赠送金,可在 3 个月内体验 Vertex AI 及 Google Cloud,包括在 Google Cloud 上创建虚拟机。我们测试发现,申请这项体验计划无需验证信用卡或银行卡,甚至点击 “免费试用 Vertex AI” 体验按钮,即可直接通过申请。后续还可激活账号(需验卡)可再获得 150 美元赠金。

如果读者在申请时弹出验证信用卡或银行卡界面,说明 IP 不满足条件,可考虑更换一个新的 IP 再次申请。

Google Cloud has recently launched a free trial program to promote Vertex AI. Users can receive a $150 credit from Google Cloud to experience Vertex AI and Google Cloud services for three months, including creating virtual machines on Google Cloud. Our testing has found that applying for this trial program does not require credit card or bank card verification. Users can simply click the “Free Trial Vertex AI” button to apply directly. Afterward, activating the account (requires card verification) will provide an additional $150 credit.

If readers encounter a credit card or bank card verification prompt during the application process, it indicates that the IP does not meet the requirements. In this case, consider changing to a new IP and reapplying.

Google Cloud推出条件宽松的90天试用计划


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