Netflix 宣布将推出《我的世界》动画剧集

Netflix 宣布将推出一部围绕视频游戏 Minecraft(我的世界)的动画剧集。这家流媒体平台提到了一个 “带有全新角色的原创故事”。发布日期尚未公布。已释出的预告片展示了下界与爬行者的地下世界。这部剧集由加拿大工作室 WildBrain Studios 制作,该机构曾为 Netflix 制作过几部儿童剧集和《Sonic Prime》。此外,还有一部 Minecraft 主题电影正在开发中,杰克·布莱克(Jack Black)可能会扮演主角。

Netflix has announced the upcoming release of an animated series based on the video game Minecraft. The streaming platform mentions an “original story with new characters.” The release date has not been revealed yet. The teaser trailer showcases the Nether, an underground world, and a Creeper. There is no indication of the plot at this time. The animated series is being produced by Canadian studio WildBrain Studios, known for creating several children’s series and “Sonic Prime” for Netflix. Additionally, there is an ongoing development of a Minecraft-themed film, with actor Jack Black rumored to have a leading role.



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