Google 推出儿童 Fitbit 智能手表

Google 推出了适用于儿童的 Fitbit 智能手表。这款名为 Fitbit Ace LTE 的手表适用于 7 岁及以上的儿童,可以让儿童在运动时玩 3D 互动游戏。他们运动得越多,获得的游戏时间就越多。这些游戏是专门为智能手表设计的,利用了触觉反馈、声音和加速度计等技术。游戏内容每隔几个月就会进一步扩展。这款手表还包含了可自定义的角色,称为”eejies”,它们根据每日活动” 生活”。儿童离达到运动目标越近,eejies 就会越健康和快乐。儿童还可以通过完成每日目标和在手表上玩游戏来赚取票券,用于自定义 eejies 的服装和住所。该手表还具有各种隐私功能。只有家长可以在应用程序中查看儿童的位置或活动数据。位置数据将在 24 小时后删除,活动数据将最多保留 35 天。该手表不包含广告或第三方应用程序。只有家长可以添加联系人,仅联系人才能与儿童通话和发送消息。

Fitbit Ace LTE 防水达到 50 米,电池续航时间 16 小时,并附带一个免费的保护外壳盒,以增加屏幕的保护。该设备将于 6 月 5 日在美国上市,售价约为 230 美元。

Google has introduced a Fitbit smartwatch for children. The Fitbit Ace LTE, designed for children aged seven and older, allows children to play 3D interactive games while being physically active. The more they move, the more game time they earn. These games are specifically designed for the smartwatch and utilize technologies such as haptics, sounds, and accelerometers. The game offerings will be expanded every few months. The watch also features customizable characters called “eejies” that “come to life” based on daily activities. The closer children get to their activity goals, the healthier and happier the eejies become. Children can earn tickets to customize their eejies’ outfits and residences by completing daily goals and playing games on the watch.

The Fitbit Ace LTE includes various privacy features. Only parents can view the child’s location or activity data in the app. Location data is deleted after 24 hours, and activity data is retained for a maximum of 35 days. The watch does not contain advertisements or third-party apps. Only parents can add contacts, who are the only ones able to call the child or send messages to the device.

The Fitbit Ace LTE is waterproof up to 50 meters and has a battery life of 16 hours. It comes with a free bumper box to provide additional screen protection. The device will be available in the United States starting from June 5th, with a price of approximately $230. Access to Fitbit Arcade, receiving new games, and using the Noodle activity ring requires an additional subscription of $10 per month. It is currently unclear whether and when the Fitbit Ace LTE will be available in the Netherlands.

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