iPad 上的苹果标志将改为横向

软餐获悉,一位苹果员工称,苹果可能会在未来新款的 iPad 上将苹果品牌标志的方向改为横向。苹果员工安德森说:“我认为它可能会改变。我们正在考虑这个问题。iPad 长期以来一直是纵向模式下使用的产品,但我们越来越多地在横向模式下使用它。” 苹果已将前置摄像头移到了新款 iPad Pro 和 iPad Air 型号的较长右侧边缘。这使得当 iPad 通过键盘横向使用时,前置摄像头显示在中央,同时从 iPadOS 14.5 开始的横向启动时的图标也已调整。

An Apple employee has suggested that Apple may change the orientation of the Apple logo on future iPad models to be horizontal. Apple employee Anderson stated, “I think it might change. We’re considering it. The iPad has long been a product used in portrait mode, but we’re using it more and more in landscape mode.” Apple has already relocated the front-facing camera to the longer right edge of the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models. This allows the front-facing camera to be centered when the iPad is used in landscape mode with a keyboard. Additionally, the icons for landscape orientation at startup have been adjusted since iPadOS 14.5.



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