Outlook Lite 已支持收发短信

软餐获悉,微软电子邮箱应用程序 Outlook Lite 最近推出了对短信(SMS)的支持。用户现在可通过这款 App 收发短信。微软称:“借助 Outlook Lite 上的短信,您可以享受从 Outlook Lite 应用发送和接收短信的便利性和安全性。” 此外据悉,微软正在考虑为 Outlook Lite 开发短信云备份功能。

Outlook Lite 是微软于 2022 年打造的一款精简版 Outlook 应用程序,专门为低端安卓智能手机设计,囊括了 Outlook 应用程序的主要核心功能,但 Outlook Lite 更小巧,性能更快,并且支持任何网络。

Microsoft’s email application, Outlook Lite, recently introduced support for Short Message Service (SMS). Users can now send and receive text messages through this app. Microsoft states, “With SMS on Outlook Lite, you can enjoy the convenience and security of sending and receiving text messages from the Outlook Lite app.” Additionally, it is reported that Microsoft is considering developing SMS cloud backup functionality for Outlook Lite.

Outlook Lite is a streamlined version of the Outlook application created by Microsoft in 2022. It is specifically designed for low-end Android smartphones and includes the core features of the Outlook app. However, Outlook Lite is smaller, faster, and compatible with any network.

Outlook Lite已支持收发短信


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