Windows Copilot 已被集成到微软桌面

软餐获悉,微软的人工智能助理应用 Windows Copilot 已被集成到微软桌面(Microsoft Launcher)的最新 Beta 版中。Google Play(链接)已经上架了这个版本。与此同时旧版的 Bing Chat 图标已被 Copilot 取代。因为微软已经放弃了 Bing Chat 品牌。需要指出,微软桌面中的 Copilot 功能有限,不包含 Copilot Pro 的假期计划、烹饪助手、健身教练和笔记本等功能。

Microsoft’s artificial intelligence assistant application, Windows Copilot, has been integrated into the latest beta version of Microsoft Launcher. This version is now available on Google Play (link). Additionally, the old Bing Chat icon has been replaced by Copilot, as Microsoft has discontinued the Bing Chat brand. It should be noted that the Copilot functionality in Microsoft Launcher is limited and does not include features such as Copilot Pro’s vacation planner, cooking assistant, fitness coach, and notebook.

Windows Copilot已被集成到微软桌面


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