iOS 18 可用 AI 生成表情符号

科技记者 Mark Gurman 透露,iOS 18 将提供一个 AI 工具,允许用户生成自定义表情符号。该工具不是独立的 App,它根据用户在文本框中输入的内容直接生成表情符号。此外,语音助手 Siri 将借助 AI 技术让发音更加自然,并且将有可能自定义应用图标的颜色。用户可将这些图标放置在自定义的位置,而不局限于 iOS 应用网格的固定顺序。该公司还希望将 Siri 用到的 AI 技术应用于 Xcode,以为开发人员提供支持。苹果希望在设备本地完成大部分 AI 任务的处理,某些密集任务可能会通过云端处理。这些云计算使用的是 M2 Ultra 芯片,能够以隐私友好的方式处理数据。

Tech journalist Mark Gurman revealed that iOS 18 will feature an AI tool that allows users to generate custom emojis. This functionality will not be a separate app; instead, it will generate emojis based on the user’s input in a text box. Additionally, the voice assistant Siri will sound more natural thanks to AI technology, and there will be the possibility to customize the color of app icons. Users will also have the ability to place these icons in custom locations rather than being restricted to a fixed order in the iOS app grid. The company also intends to apply the AI technology used by Siri to Xcode, providing support for developers. Apple aims to process the majority of AI tasks on the device itself, while some intensive tasks may be processed in the cloud. These cloud computations will utilize the M2 Ultra chip, which can handle data in a privacy-friendly manner.

iOS 18可用AI生成表情符号


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