Reddit 决定恢复旧版奖励系统

Reddit 决定恢复旧的奖励系统,原因是官方认为之前的替代方案不够有趣且不清晰。在过去,Reddit 曾停用了 Coins 和 Awards,因为这些奖励种类过多,让用户感到困惑和混乱。作为替代,他们推出了”Golden Upvote”,这种方式相对温和,但可以明确表达对特定帖子或评论的赞赏。然而 Reddit 现在承认这一方案在实际使用中并不如预期,因为它既不像旧奖励系统那样有趣和富有表现力,也没有明确说明对接收者的帮助。因此,Reddit 决定重新引入类似旧 Awards 系统的奖励形式。

在新的奖励系统中,Reddit 进行了一些调整。他们推出了一些新的奖励类型,并对旧奖励进行了重新设计。此外,他们还在帖子下方添加了一个按钮,使用户可以直接购买新的奖励。为了减少信息流中的混乱感,Reddit 还减少了奖励在用户的动态中的显示频率。此外,他们还限制了用户无法向被标记为”NSFW” 的帖子或评论发送奖励。除了奖励系统的改进,Reddit 还扩大了贡献者计划的范围。该计划允许那些积累了大量声望的用户直接通过参与社区来赚钱。该计划只对美国用户开放,现在已扩展到 34 个新国家。

Reddit has decided to restore its old reward system due to the belief that the previous alternative was not sufficiently engaging and clear. In the past, Reddit had discontinued the use of Coins and Awards because the variety of rewards was overwhelming and confusing for users. As a replacement, they introduced the “Golden Upvote,” a milder way to express appreciation for specific posts or comments. However, Reddit now acknowledges that this solution did not meet expectations in practice, as it lacked the fun and expressive nature of the old rewards and did not clearly indicate how it benefited recipients. Consequently, Reddit has chosen to reintroduce a reward system similar to the previous Awards system.

In the new reward system, Reddit has made several adjustments. They have introduced new types of rewards and redesigned the old ones. Additionally, they have added a button below posts for users to directly purchase the new rewards. To reduce clutter in users’ feeds, the display frequency of rewards has been reduced. Furthermore, users are now unable to send rewards to posts or comments marked as “NSFW” (Not Safe for Work). Apart from the improvements to the reward system, Reddit has expanded the scope of its contributor program. This program allows users who have accumulated significant reputation to earn money directly by participating in the community. Initially available only to U.S. users, the program has now been expanded to 34 new countries.



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