TikTok 试水 60 分钟的长视频

短视频平台 TikTok 正在试水 60 分钟的长视频。该平台证实测试正针对特定市场的部分用户展开。这些用户可通过最新版桌面客户端或 App 上传 60 分钟长视频。TikTok 官方说不会立即广泛推出该功能。TikTok 在 2016 年上线时仅支持发布 15 秒钟短视频,此后逐渐拉长了视频长度。TikTok 此前还测试了水平全屏模式和视频拖拽缩略图。

Short video platform TikTok is testing 60-minute long videos. The platform has confirmed that the test is being conducted for specific markets and a selected group of users. These users can upload 60-minute long videos through the latest version of the desktop client or the app. TikTok officials have stated that the feature will not be widely rolled out immediately. When TikTok was launched in 2016, it only supported the publishing of 15-second short videos, but it has gradually increased the allowed video length since then. TikTok has previously tested horizontal full-screen mode and video drag-and-drop thumbnails. 分享告诉我更多。请问 TikTok 的水平全屏模式和视频拖拽缩略图测试的结果如何?你知道 TikTok 支持的最长视频长度是多少吗?



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