Edge 浏览器将获得 AI 主题生成器

软餐获悉,微软打算为 Edge 浏览器推出一个基于 AI 的主题生成器。用户输入文本提示词,Edge 即可生成一系列图像,并可设置为浏览器主题,包括图像的主色调也可作用于浏览器框架。该功能计划 6 月份发布。组织管理员可使用 “AIGenThemesEnabled” 策略来限制 AI 主题生成功能。

Microsoft plans to introduce an AI-based theme generator for the Edge browser. Users can input text prompts, and Edge will generate a series of images that can be set as browser themes. The main color tones of the images can also be applied to the browser frame. This feature is scheduled for release in June. Organizational administrators can use the “AIGenThemesEnabled” policy to restrict the AI theme generation functionality.

Edge浏览器将获得AI 主题生成器


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