HBO Max 承诺为老订户保留 4K 和杜比权益

软餐获悉,流媒体平台 HBO Max 表示,已拥有 4K 和杜比全景声(Dolby Atmos)的 HBO Max 客户,在 6 月 11 日新计划上线后也将被继续保留这两项权益。此前该公司曾表示 4K 和杜比全景声(Dolby Atmos)仅包含在高级(premium)订阅计划中。HBO Max 本周早些时候宣布了三项新的订阅,将取代当前的订阅。其中包括带有广告的基本计划、支持 1080p 的标准订阅以及支持 4K 和杜比全景声的高级订阅计划。自 HBO Max 成立以来的订户将自动转到新的标准计划,并将保留其 50% 的折扣。该公告引发了老订户担心权益 “缩水” 的担忧,现在 HBO Max 不得不出来澄清,即新政策将仅适用于新订户。

HBO Max, the streaming platform, has announced that customers who already have access to 4K and Dolby Atmos will continue to retain these benefits after the launch of their new plans on June 11th. Previously, the company had stated that 4K and Dolby Atmos were only included in the premium subscription plan. Earlier this week, HBO Max announced three new subscriptions that will replace the current ones. These include a basic plan with ads, a standard subscription supporting 1080p, and a premium subscription supporting 4K and Dolby Atmos. Subscribers since the inception of HBO Max will be automatically transitioned to the new standard plan and will retain their 50% discount. The announcement caused concerns among existing subscribers about a potential reduction in their benefits. HBO Max has now clarified that the new policy will only apply to new subscribers.

HBO Max承诺为老订户保留4K 和杜比权益


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    Daniel 2024-05-11 18:52


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      techant 2024-05-12 19:27

      @Daniel感谢反馈,官方本周承诺为老订户保留 4K 和杜比权益,所以又推了一遍 嘿嘿