Threads 开始显示帖子总浏览量

Meta 旗下的社交媒体平台 Threads 已开始显示帖子的 “总浏览量”。总浏览量位于 Threads 帖子的顶部,对所有人公开可见,不仅限于作者,暂不清楚是否允许隐藏它。Threads 的日活用户量最近突破了 1.5 亿。该平台目前正在开发私信(DM)功能。

The social media platform Threads, owned by Meta, has started displaying the “total views” of posts. The total views count is located at the top of Threads posts and is publicly visible to everyone, not just the author. It is currently unclear whether there is an option to hide it. Threads has recently surpassed 150 million daily active users. The platform is currently in the process of developing direct messaging (DM) functionality.



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