Gmail 迎来发布 20 周年

重要的电子邮件服务 Gmail 于周一庆祝其成立 20 周年。Gmail 于 2004 年 4 月 1 日发布测试版,如今该服务有 18 亿个活跃的电子邮件帐户。最初发布时,Gmail 慷慨地为用户提供 1GB 的免费存储空间,与仅提供几 MB 免费空间的 Hotmail 和 Yahoo Mail 等竞品迅速拉开差距。很多用户评论称,当年有了 Gmail ,自己才不必定期手动删除邮件了。Gmail 当时的邀请制度,让该服务一度在 eBay 卖出了每份 250 美元的高价。2007 年 2 月,Gmail 向所有人开放。今天,Gmail 提供 15GB 的免费存储空间,该空间与 Google 相册和 Google 云端硬盘共享。

The important email service, Gmail, celebrated its 20th anniversary on Monday. Gmail was launched as a beta version on April 1, 2004, and now boasts 1.8 billion active email accounts. During its initial release, Gmail generously offered users 1GB of free storage, setting it apart from competitors like Hotmail and Yahoo Mail, which provided only a few MB of free space. Many users commented that with Gmail, they no longer had to manually delete emails regularly. The invitation-only system of Gmail at the time even led to the service being sold on eBay for as high as $250 per invitation. In February 2007, Gmail became available to everyone. Today, Gmail provides 15GB of free storage, which is shared with Google Photos and Google Drive.

Gmail 迎来发布20 周年


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