Telegram 推出广告分成系统

软餐获悉,加密聊天应用程序 Telegram 宣布了其广告分成奖励系统。该平台宣布,Telegram 频道所有者现在可以从其频道中展示的广告中获得 50% 的收入。Telegram 声称这是 “社交媒体历史上最慷慨的奖励系统之一”。不过,要获得收入分成的公共频道,需要至少拥有 1000 名订阅者。Telegram 将向这些频道分成 50%。频道所有者可以免费提取奖励,或将其再投资于 Telegram 广告、收藏用户名或赠品。此外,Telegram 推出了新型广告,用户可以使用 Toncoins(由 TON 区块链支持的加密货币)购买。广告投放者可以精确选择需要投放的频道。Telegram 还承诺,该平台上的广告仅在大型公共频道中显示。它们永远不会出现在聊天或其他界面。

The encrypted messaging application Telegram has announced its advertising revenue-sharing system. The platform has announced that Telegram channel owners can now earn 50% of the revenue from ads displayed in their channels. Telegram claims this to be “one of the most generous reward systems in the history of social media.” However, to qualify for revenue sharing, public channels must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers. Telegram will share 50% of the revenue with these channels. Channel owners have the option to withdraw the rewards for free or reinvest them in Telegram ads, reserve usernames, or giveaways. Furthermore, Telegram has introduced a new type of advertising where users can purchase it using Toncoins, a cryptocurrency supported by the TON blockchain. Advertisers have the ability to precisely select the channels they wish to target. Telegram also promises that ads on the platform will only be displayed in large public channels and will never appear in chats or other interfaces.



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