Edge 浏览器将可限制内存使用量


网友 @ Leopeva64分享称,微软在 Edge Canary版中推出了新的滑块,可限制Edge浏览器的内存使用量。这在游戏等执行资源密集型任务的场景下十分实用。微软同时提醒,限制RAM用量会对浏览器的性能产生负面影响。该功能目前仅对部分 Edge Canary用户开放。读者可尝试转到“设置”>“性能”>“性能检测器” 检查。

A netizen, @Leopeva64, shared that Microsoft has introduced a new slider in the Edge Canary version, allowing users to limit the memory usage of the Edge browser. This feature proves to be quite useful in scenarios involving resource-intensive tasks like gaming. Microsoft also cautions that limiting the RAM usage may have a negative impact on the browser’s performance. Currently, this feature is only available to a subset of Edge Canary users. Readers can try going to “Settings” > “Performance” > “Performance Analyzer” to check if the feature is available.



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