Spotify 测试视频课程服务


软餐获悉,音乐流媒体服务 Spotify 正在英国测试视频课程功能。付费客户可以在 Spotify 应用程序中查看这些课程。课程资源来自 BBC Maestro 和 Skillshare 等平台。付费和非付费用户均可免费试用两门视频课程,然后可通过网页分别支付其他课程的费用。因此视频课程不包括在订阅中。这不是 Spotify 第一次尝试应用内视频功能,该平台先前已上线了音乐短视频、播客视频和短视频等内容。

Music streaming service Spotify is testing video course functionality in the UK. Paying customers can access these courses within the Spotify application. The course resources are sourced from platforms such as BBC Maestro and Skillshare. Both paid and non-paying users can avail of a free trial of two video courses and then pay for additional courses separately through the website. Therefore, video courses are not included in the subscription. This is not Spotify’s first attempt at implementing in-app video functionality, as the platform has previously launched music videos, podcast videos, and short videos.



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