Google 播客将关闭,提醒用户迁移数据

软餐收到了 Google 邮件通知,该公司再次提醒即将停止 Google 播客服务,并建议用户将已订阅的播客迁至 YouTube Music 或下载到本地。Google 在邮件中写道:

谨在此提醒您,2024 年 4 月 2 日之后,您无法再在 Google 播客中收听播客了。在 2024 年 7 月 29 日之前,您仍然可以将订阅的播客节目迁移到 YouTube Music,或者将订阅的节目下载到本地,然后上传到支持导入该文件的应用中。

若要使用迁移和导出工具,您需要使用最新版本的 Google 搜索和 Google 播客应用,并拥有有效的账号类型。如果您使用的是不受支持的应用版本,那么只能针对网页版 Google 播客使用迁移和导出工具。

Google 于去年 9 月宣布将关闭播客应用程序 Google Podcasts,播客功能将由 YouTube Music 承接。

We have received a notification email from Google informing us once again that they will be discontinuing the Google Podcasts service. They advised users to migrate their subscribed podcasts to YouTube Music or download them locally. In the email, Google stated:

We would like to remind you that starting from April 2, 2024, you will no longer be able to listen to podcasts on Google Podcasts. Until July 29, 2024, you can still migrate your subscribed podcast programs to YouTube Music or download the subscribed episodes locally and then upload them to an app that supports importing such files.

To use the migration and export tools, you will need to have the latest versions of Google Search and Google Podcasts applications and have a valid account type. If you are using an unsupported app version, you can only use the migration and export tools for the web version of Google Podcasts.

Google announced in September of last year that they would be shutting down the Google Podcasts application, and the podcast functionality would be taken over by YouTube Music.

Google 播客将关闭,提醒用户迁移数据


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