Epic Games 年内发布安卓版和 iOS 版游戏商店

Epic Games年内发布安卓版和iOS版游戏商店
Epic Games Store 应用程序的概念图

在 State of Unreal 2024 演示期间,Epic Games 表示,正在开发适用于 Android 和 iOS 的 Epic Games Store 移动版本,并称会在 2024 年底发布。围绕该应用商店,Epic Games 与几家合作伙伴达成了合作,但官方没提及具体名单。Epic Games 在今年年初宣布要发布 iOS 版移动应用商店。自 3 月初以来,随着 DMA 的生效,欧盟用户已能够在 iOS 17.4 上安装替代的 iOS 应用商店。

During the State of Unreal 2024 presentation, Epic Games announced that they are developing a mobile version of the Epic Games Store for Android and iOS, with plans to release it by the end of 2024. Epic Games has collaborated with several partners for the development of this app store, although the specific names were not mentioned officially. Earlier this year, Epic Games announced their intention to launch an iOS version of the mobile app store. Since early March, with the implementation of DMA, European Union users have been able to install alternative iOS app stores on iOS 17.4.

Epic Games年内发布安卓版和iOS版游戏商店


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