Neuralink 展示了脑芯片植入者控制鼠标的画面


上个月,马斯克表示首个植入 Neuralink 芯片的人能用思维控制鼠标。近日这家神经技术公司对外介绍了细节。本周三一场 9 分钟的直播显示,这位 29 岁的潜水事故受害者 Arbaugh 可借助该设备移动计算机的光标,玩国际象棋游戏。几年前的潜水事故,让他肩部以下完全失去了活动能力。Arbaugh 称使用该设备的感觉就像 “在光标上使用原力”。虽然早在 2004 年,首次被植入人体的老式脑芯片就能实现移动电脑光标,但 Neuralink 的设备可以无线传输数据,而且可以脱离实验室居家使用,且能同时处理多个任务,例如 Arbaugh 能一边玩国际象棋,一边讲述自己植入该设备的经历。他自述整晚都在玩一款电子游戏。8 小时后,Neuralink 的电池没电了,必须充电后才能继续玩。


Last month, Musk announced that the first person implanted with a Neuralink chip could control a computer mouse with their mind. Recently, the neurotechnology company provided details about this development. In a 9-minute live demonstration held on Wednesday, a 29-year-old diving accident victim named Arbaugh, who is fitted with the device, showcased his ability to move the computer cursor and play a game of chess. Several years ago, the diving accident left him completely paralyzed from the shoulders down. Arbaugh described the experience of using the device as “using the Force on the cursor.” While the ability to move a computer cursor using an older brain chip was demonstrated as early as 2004, Neuralink’s device offers wireless data transmission, can be used outside of the laboratory setting, and is capable of multitasking. For example, Arbaugh could play chess while narrating his experience with the implanted device. He mentioned spending the entire night playing an electronic game. After 8 hours, the Neuralink battery ran out, requiring a recharge to continue playing.



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