Google Maps 向开发者推出新配色

Google Maps 为开发人员的默认颜色方案将调整。新的主题中,道路以蓝灰色显示,水的颜色将更改为浅蓝,路径指示器将具有更醒目的蓝色,公园和开放空间将以薄荷绿色标记。调整将在今年 5 月至 2025 年 3 月之间进行,开发人员可提前切换到新的样式,具体应用时间取决于应用程序的类型和所运行的平台。如果用户使用特定的地图 ID,他们可以从本月开始切换到新的样式。对于不使用地图 ID 的应用程序,新版本的 API 和 SDK 将逐渐发布。从明年 3 月开始,旧的颜色方案将永久消失。新配色方案在去年 11 月为 Google Maps 用户推出。许多用户对此并不满意,他们抱怨小路和交通的颜色不够明显。

Google Maps is adjusting the default color scheme for developers. In the new theme, roads will be displayed in a blue-gray color, water will be changed to a lighter blue, the route indicator will have a more prominent blue color, and parks and open spaces will be marked in mint green. The adjustments will take place between May of this year and March 2025, allowing developers to switch to the new style earlier. The specific timing of the application depends on the type of app and the platform it runs on. Users who utilize specific map IDs can switch to the new style starting this month. For applications that do not use map IDs, new versions of APIs and SDKs will be gradually released. As of March next year, the old color scheme will be permanently phased out. The new color scheme was introduced to Google Maps users in November of last year. However, many users expressed dissatisfaction, complaining that the colors of small roads and traffic are not distinct enough.

Google Maps向开发者推出新配色


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