WhatsApp 将添加聊天搜索栏

[ 更新于 2024 年 3 月 26 日 0:10 ]


软餐获悉,WhatsApp 测试版(显示,Meta 正向该应用添加一个聊天搜索栏。它将位于会话列表的上方,加入搜索栏是为了符合 Google 建议的 Material Design 设计原则(目前用户可以通过点击放大镜按钮来搜索)。此外,搜索栏还可以显示多个对话,无需滚动。目前尚不清楚搜索栏何时会出现在该应用的稳定版本中。同时,WhatsApp 还在开发通过滑动来切换选项卡的功能。

The beta version ( of WhatsApp reveals that Meta is adding a chat search bar to the application. The search bar will be positioned above the conversation list, and its inclusion aligns with Google’s recommended Material Design principles (users can currently perform searches by clicking the magnifying glass button). Additionally, the search bar will have the capability to display multiple conversations without requiring scrolling. It is currently unknown when the search bar will appear in the stable version of the application. Furthermore, WhatsApp is also developing a feature that allows tab switching through swiping.



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