Pixel Launcher 已允许欧盟用户切换搜索引擎

Pixel Launcher已允许欧盟用户切换搜索引擎

软餐获悉,Pixel Launcher 的新版本已允许欧盟用户选择其他搜索引擎。谷歌此举是为了遵守欧盟数字市场法规(DMA)。在此之前,用户在 Pixel 手机上无法选择除 Google 以外的其他搜索引擎,主屏上的 Google 搜索栏小部件无法关闭。而在新版本中,用户可将 Google 搜索栏替换为其竞争对手的搜索栏,例如 DuckDuckGo 和 Ecosia,当然,需要先下载这些搜索引擎的应用程序。

The new version of Pixel Launcher has allowed EU users to choose alternative search engines. Previously, users were unable to select search engines other than Google on Pixel phones, and the Google search bar widget on the home screen could not be disabled. Google has made this change in order to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). In the new version, users can replace the Google search bar with the search bar of their competitors, such as DuckDuckGo and Ecosia. However, they need to download the applications of these search engines first.

Pixel Launcher已允许欧盟用户切换搜索引擎
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