Android 15 将支持设备关机时定位功能

Android 15 包含了一项功能,即使手机处于关闭状态,兼容的智能手机也能进行位置检测。这项功能被称为 Powered Off Finding,据说已经研发了一年多。去年 4 月,Android 14 的源代码中已经发现了这项功能的蛛丝马迹,位置检测功能将在 Android 15 中推出,因为该版本包含了必要的 API。Powered Off Finding 并非适用于每款 Android 智能手机。因为手机厂商需要进行一些硬件调整。例如蓝牙控制器需要在手机完全关闭的情况下仍然能够获得电源。有媒体报道,该功能将被优先引入 Pixel 9、Pixel 8 和 8 Pro。

Android 15 includes a feature that allows compatible smartphones to perform location detection even when the device is turned off. This feature is called Powered Off Finding and has reportedly been in development for over a year. Traces of this functionality were found in the source code of Android 14 as early as April of last year, and now the location detection feature is set to be introduced in Android 15 due to the inclusion of necessary APIs.

It’s important to note that Powered Off Finding may not be available on every Android smartphone. This is because phone manufacturers would need to make certain hardware adjustments. For example, the Bluetooth controller would need to receive power even when the phone is completely turned off. According to media reports, this feature is expected to be initially introduced on the Pixel 9, Pixel 8, and 8 Pro.

Android 15将支持设备关机时定位功能


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