Excel 网页版推出 CSV 格式导出功能

软餐获悉,微软宣布为 Excel 网页版推出 CSV 格式导出功能。Excel Web 用户现在能以 CSV 文件格式导出其电子表格。具体位置位于在电子表格中单击 “文件” 菜单,找到 “导出” 选项,即可选择工作表下载为 CSV(.csv)以完成导出过程。这项新功能现已面向所有 Excel Web 用户推出。

Microsoft announced the launch of CSV export function for Excel Web version. Excel Web users can now export their spreadsheets in CSV file format. To do this, users need to click on the “File” menu in the spreadsheet, find the “Export” option, and select to download the worksheet as a CSV (.csv) file to complete the export process. This new feature is now available to all Excel Web users.

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