VLC 播放器下载破 50 亿次,4.0 版将重构核心

软餐获悉,Videolan 总裁 Jean-Baptiste Kempf 透露,发布于 2001 年的开源视频播放器 VLC 的下载量已超过 50 亿次。Videolan 正在开发重大版本 v4.0,该版本中整个 VLC 的核心已被重构。他们还在开发一个基于 WebAssembly 的 VLC 版本,以允许用户在 Web 上使用该媒体播放器,而无需事先下载任何内容。此外,官方还开发了适用于 Apple Vision Pro 的版本(尚未公开发布),以及计划为 Meta 的 Quest 头戴设备开发适用版本。

Videolan President Jean-Baptiste Kempf revealed that the open-source video player VLC, released in 2001, has surpassed 5 billion downloads. Simultaneously, Videolan is developing a major version, v4.0, with a complete refactoring of VLC’s core. They are also working on a WebAssembly-based version of VLC, allowing users to use the media player on the web without the need to download any content beforehand. Additionally, they have developed a version for Apple Vision Pro (not yet publicly released) and have plans to develop a compatible version for Meta’s Quest headsets.

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