Android 14 电池健康仅适用于 Pixel 8a 以上机型

自去年底开始,Android 14 预览版中出现了一个隐藏的电池状态页面,其代码表明它可以显示电池当前能提供的估计电量。不过谷歌现在说,电池健康页面将仅适用于 Pixel 8a 及更高型号的设备。这也是谷歌首次提及廉价机型 Pixel 8a,该设备预计将在几个月内发布。尚不清楚谷歌为何不打算为现有的 Pixel 型号提供电池健康状态查询功能。

Since the end of last year, a hidden battery health page has appeared in the Android 14 preview version, indicating that it can display estimated battery capacity. However, Google now states that the battery health page will only be available for devices from Pixel 8a and higher models. This is also the first mention of the budget-friendly Pixel 8a by Google, which is expected to be released in the coming months. It is not yet clear why Google does not plan to provide battery health status for existing Pixel models.

Android 14电池健康仅适用于 Pixel 8a 以上机型


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