Chrome Canary 版可将所有网页安装为 PWA 应用程序

软餐获悉,在最新发布的 Chrome Canary V124 中,可以将所有网页转换为渐进式 Web 应用(PWA)。暂不清楚谷歌何时正式推出该功能。若要使用该功能,必须启用以下标志:chrome://flags/#web-app-universal-install 和 chrome://flags/#shortcuts-not-apps。然后可在浏览器右上角的 “保存和共享” 标题下的菜单中找到 PWA 功能。可以选择将网页安装为应用程序。当单击该应用程序时,该网站将在自己的窗口中打开。已拥有自己的 PWA 的网站(例如 Reddit 和 YouTube)将出现下载该应用的选项。除 ChromeOS 外,该功能还适用于 Windows、Mac 和 Linux。

In the latest release of Chrome Canary V124, it is now possible to convert all web pages into Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). The official rollout date for this feature by Google is currently unknown. To use this functionality, the following flags must be enabled: chrome://flags/#web-app-universal-install and chrome://flags/#shortcuts-not-apps. The PWA feature can then be found in the menu under the “Save and share” section in the top-right corner of the browser. Users have the option to save the web page as an application. When the application is clicked, the website will open in its own window. Websites that already have their own PWAs, such as Reddit and YouTube, will display an option to download the application. This feature is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS.

Chrome Canary 版可将所有网页安装为PWA应用程序


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