OneDrive 将下线通过 URL 上传文件的功能

软餐获悉,微软公司决定将于今年 3 月 29 日起从 OneDrive 移除通过 URL 上传文件的选项。因为该功能使用率低,且维护所需的工作量和成本太高。这是 OneDrive 在 2021 年推出的实验性功能,适用于所有 OneDrive 消费者用户。微软称该服务 “与我们将 OneDrive 作为云存储服务并在设备之间同步文件的愿景不符”。

Microsoft has decided to remove the option to upload files to OneDrive via URL starting from March 29th this year. This decision was made due to the low usage of this feature and the high maintenance workload and costs associated with it. The feature was introduced as an experimental functionality in OneDrive in 2021 and was available to all OneDrive consumer users. Microsoft stated that this service “does not align with our vision of using OneDrive as a cloud storage service that synchronizes files between devices.”



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