X(Twitter)为订户推出发长文功能 “Articles”

软餐获悉,X(Twitter)为其 Premium+订户推出了一个功能——可以撰写更长的帖子。这些被称为 “Articles” 的帖子可以添加图片和不同的字体。X 表示,该功能可以在侧边栏的一个独立按钮下找到。除了普通的图片,用户还可以在帖子中添加视频和 GIF。发布后,这些帖子将出现在用户个人资料页面的 “Articles” 选项卡和他们关注者的时间线上。作者可以在发布后编辑和删除这些长帖子。

X (Twitter) has introduced a feature for its Premium+ subscribers that allows them to write longer posts called “Articles.” These posts can include images and different fonts. According to X, the feature can be found under a separate button in the sidebar. In addition to regular images, users can also add videos and GIFs to their posts. Once published, these posts will appear in the “Articles” tab on the user’s profile page and in the timeline of their followers. Authors have the ability to edit and delete these longer posts after they have been published.



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