Twitch 将对其移动应用进行重大更新

游戏直播平台 Twitch 的移动应用程序将获得 2019 年以来的首次重大更新。这些内容包括:Twitch 移动应用将获全新改版,其中探索流(discoveryfeed,类似于 TikTok 的 feed 流)将成为新的着陆页面,用户可以发现新的直播和短视频;Twitch 将改进购买订阅、礼物和 Bits 的体验;将针对移动平台优化 Hype Train 等功能;用户可以选择制作和上传短视频到 Stories,并将支持照片捏合缩放、分享竖屏视频等功能;iOS 办还将引入管理工具(此前该工具仅适用于 Twitch 桌面版)。

此外,2024 年,Twitch 还将明确定义某些形式的骚扰行为,对其施以惩罚措施,并推出相关的识别工具。

The mobile application of the game streaming platform Twitch is set to receive a significant update, marking the first major update since 2019. The updates include the following: a complete redesign of the Twitch mobile app, with the discovery feed (similar to TikTok’s feed) serving as the new landing page, allowing users to discover new live streams and short videos; improvements to the purchasing experience for subscriptions, gifts, and Bits; optimization of features like Hype Train for mobile platforms; the addition of the ability for users to create and upload short videos to Stories, along with support for pinch-to-zoom functionality for photos and sharing vertical videos; the introduction of moderation tools for iOS (previously available only on the desktop version of Twitch).

Furthermore, in 2024, Twitch will establish clearer definitions and stricter penalties for certain forms of harassment, along with the introduction of tools to better identify and block such behavior before it appears in the chat.



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