Fairphone 停止提供手机租赁服务

荷兰手机厂商 Fairphone 决定停止提供其 “手机即服务”(phone-as-a-service)的订阅模式。这项名为 Fairphone Easy 的计划于 2022 年 6 月推出,允许用户每月支付一定金额,即可租用一部包含维修服务的 Fairphone 4 手机。为保护设备,用户需要使用手机外壳和屏幕保护器。如果手机损坏,用户将在 48 小时内获得一部替换机。但在过去一年半的时间里,该服务并未获得足够的订阅者,这项仅在荷兰推出的计划不得不终止。Fairphone 调查发现,处于隐私考虑,消费者更愿意购买手机而非租赁。智能手机显然比自行车或其他家庭产品更加个人化。

Dutch smartphone manufacturer Fairphone has decided to discontinue its phone-as-a-service subscription model. The program, known as Fairphone Easy, was launched in June 2022 and allowed users to pay a monthly fee to lease a Fairphone 4 with repair services included. Users were required to use a phone case and screen protector to protect the device. If the phone was damaged, users would receive a replacement within 48 hours. However, over the past year and a half, the service did not attract enough subscribers, leading to the termination of the program, which was only introduced in the Netherlands. Fairphone’s investigation revealed that consumers prefer to purchase smartphones rather than lease them, citing privacy concerns. Smartphones are evidently seen as more personal compared to bicycles or other household products.

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