Steam 允许将个别游戏设为私密状态

软餐获悉,游戏平台 Steam 中推出了一项功能——允许用户将个别游戏设为私密状态。此外还新增了一些购买选项。这些功能目前仅适用于 Steam 客户端的测试版本。这包括:用户现在可以在购买游戏之前和之后将个别游戏设为私密状态,以前只能同时隐藏所有游戏;私密应用程序的已购买的 DLC 默认也不可见,但用户可以进行调整;现在还可以同时向多个好友赠送游戏(以前需要分别进行每次购买);最后,购物车现在可在不同设备间同步。

A feature has been introduced in the game platform Steam, allowing users to set individual games as private. Additionally, there are new purchasing options available. These features are currently only applicable to the testing version of the Steam client. The features include the ability for users to set individual games as private both before and after purchase, whereas previously, all games could only be hidden together. Purchased DLC for private apps is also not visible by default, but users can adjust this setting. It is now possible to gift games to multiple friends simultaneously, whereas previously, separate purchases were required. Lastly, the shopping cart can now be synchronized across different devices.



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