Google Play 允许部分印度开发者不接入谷歌支付

软餐获悉,谷歌现在允许部分较小的印度开发者使用 Google Play 而不集成谷歌的支付功能。这些开发者包括 Shaadi、Bharat Matrimony、 和 99 acres 等十余家在印度以外鲜为人知的开发者。这是印度政府为了规范谷歌在 Android 上的主导地位而采取的新举措。谷歌目前已从 Play Store 中移除了这些应用,但这些应用可以重新上架而不集成谷歌支付功能。如果这些应用希望集成谷歌支付让客户付款,他们将需要支付正常的费率。

Google now allows certain smaller Indian developers to use Google Play without integrating Google’s payment functionality. These developers include Shaadi, Bharat Matrimony,, 99 acres, and more, who are relatively unknown outside of India. This agreement is a new measure taken by the Indian government to regulate Google’s dominant position on Android. Currently, Google has removed these applications from the Play Store, but they can be reinstated without integrating Google’s payment functionality. If these applications wish to integrate Google’s payment system for customer transactions, they will be required to pay the regular fees.

Google Play允许部分印度开发者不接入谷歌支付


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